Why Learn Love Music?

Learning through folk songs and musical master works

For individual students or groups

Everyone can learn to sing well if they have a desire

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What are Folk Songs? Why folk songs?

Folk songs are the music of the people in a culture. They keep people connected to the past and the culture of the country they live in. 

Folk songs have been used through history to pass on information from one generation to another.

Folk songs are often simple and easy to sing.

Folk songs are funny!


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Our Beginner Music Course For Kids

What if every child learned to sing? What if all children grew into adults that loved to sing? What if nobody was afraid of their musical voice and they shared it with their families, their neighbors, and their communities? What if the world was a place where people actually sang in the streets and weren’t embarrassed about it? 

I am creating this Learn Love Music course because I believe all children can benefit from a solid musical education. Whether this education happens in a classroom or in a home, I wanted to make a course that would help instill a love of music for every child who uses it.

Folk Songs and Masterworks are the base studies for this course. I believe that through these genres, a student can have a thorough study of music while having a great time. Also, I am preparing this course in a way to help children learn to sing! I truly believe that every person can learn to sing well if they have a desire. When beginning at a young age, children are uninhibited with their voice and tend to learn quickly. Being able to sing is a gift that a person can use throughout their life and can be a blessing to them and others.

Join me in the journey and Learn Love Music with me today!

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