My Story

As a music educator, I have seen how quickly my students have grown in their love for music. After a few lessons in the classroom, children with no musical background and seemingly no musical interest became captivated in singing. Every year was the same, and every year just as exciting. As time went on and education has moved online, more children have moved to homeschooling or distance education (including my own). I have seen and felt a musical gap in so many of these learners.

While sifting through the abyss of online music videos and lessons, I was seeking to find something that would teach the whole student- something that would help the child to learn to love music; something that would bring them joy and delight and give them a musical foundation. After much searching I realized this did not exist in the way that I desired. This is why I created Learn Love Music.

As a musician and founder of Learn Love Music, I am passionate about a few things. First, I am absolutely, fully, and immensely, passionate about singing! I fervently believe that any person who has a desire to sing, can learn to sing well! Vocal ability is not just a gift randomly assigned to various people; it is a learned skill. The earlier a person learns to use their voice, the easier and more natural it is for them to become comfortable with singing.

Secondly, I am passionate about the way that music is taught! Learning music should be fun. It should be silly. It should make us want to move and use our bodies. Also, I believe that, if done effectively, young children will learn to sing and not even realize they have learned to sing! Along the way, they will learn other important aspects of music.

This is done through the use of folk songs. Every folk song is used to have fun, to sing, and to learn and love the music. Along the way, we also delve into classics from the great composers and learn to love their music, too. We also play instruments (optional).