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How to Effectively Teach Music for Homeschoolers

How to Effectively Teach Music for Homeschoolers

Taking on the task of homeschooling means providing your kids with lots of love, attention and a well-rounded education. Teaching a subject you aren’t familiar or comfortable with can be daunting at first but one of the beautiful parts about homeschooling is the opportunity for mom to learn a new subject or topic right along […]

3 Simple DIY Instruments for Kids Creating Music at Home

3 Simple DIY Musical Instruments for Kids You Can Make at Home

Making music is fun and the only thing that could make it even better is making your own DIY musical instruments with your kids. These instruments are all simple, kid-friendly creations and lend themselves to coloring, pasting and making one-of-a-kind instruments that your kids will love to play. Read on to see our favorite DIY […]

6 Folk Music Instruments Your Child Will Love

6 Folk Music Instruments Your Child Will Love

Did you know that some of the best beginning instruments are folk music instruments? Not only that, but folk music relies on simple melodies and chords helping new musicians find satisfaction in making music. Introduce your child to one of these popular instruments and watch their love of music grow with each melody they play. […]

14 Awesome Benefits of Playing an Instrument (for Kids)

Benefits of Playing an Instrument (for Kids)

There are many benefits that come from learning and playing a musical instrument. Whether it’s the piano or guitar, or the violin or trombone, playing a musical instrument is advantageous. It strengthens the brain, increases memory, relieves stress, and so much more. Keep reading for a list of some of the amazing benefits that come […]

10 Fun Music Activities for Kids

Finding engaging music activities for kids can be challenging. Are you looking for ideas on how to delight your kids with some fun and easy musical activities? Well, look no further. I’ve compiled a quick list of exciting musical activities that you can do with your kids. The activities are: Pass the Parcel Freeze Dance […]