Why Learn Love Music?

At Learn Love Music, I offer an integrated way of learning music, based on the Kodaly Method. (This method is based on developing musical concepts and skills at a very young age through the use of folk songs.) As a Level III Certified Kodaly Instructor, I will make sure every lesson is interactive and lively, keeping your child excited about music. Students of Learn Love Music learn to sing, read, and write music at a vigorous pace.

Top 3 reasons to choose Learn Love Music:

1. Whole body learning experience. This program is designed to focus on singing, reading music, music appreciation, and playing music (whether played on the body or on an instrument).

2. Based on the Kodaly Method. Music educator Zoltan Kodaly said, “Instill a thirst for finer music… a thirst which will last a lifetime.” He believed in teaching music and singing “in such a way that it is not a torture but a joy.” This way of teaching also includes finding musical elements within a culture’s own folk songs. This is normally best taught in group lessons. However, Learn Love Music has narrowed this vision so that individual students or small groups can have the same benefit.

3. Learn from the Masters. In this program your child will not only learn how to love singing, but they will also be exposed to the music of the greats. From Hildegard von Bingen chants, to Mozart operas, to Aaron Copland compositions, students of Learn Love Music will discover the joy and beauty of music from various eras of history.